The Italian Space Agency (ASI) announces the release of the third Announcement of Opportunity to solicit proposals for the Guest Observer Program (GOP) of the AGILE mission.

This announcement solicits proposals for observations to be carried out during the observing time beginning on December 1st, 2009, and lasting twelve months.
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AGILE-GRID data for sources not reserved to the AGILE Team can be requested within the AGILE Guest Observer Program.
AO3 Guest Observers can request data for:

- specific 1AGL, 1FGL and 3EG catalogue sources;
- pulsars;
- Active Galactic Nuclei.

Top level documentation regarding the AO3 can be found here:

   • Agile AO3 Approved Targets

   • Agile AO3 Polices and Procedures

   • Agile AO3 Team Reserved Sources

Proposals may be prepared and submitted using a set of dedicated SSDC GOP on-line services (Proposal Preparation) .

Please remember that users must register in order to access the "proposal submission tool" and to prepare and update their proposals before final submission.

On November 4th 2009, toward the end of Cycle-2, AGILE scientific operations were reconfigured following a malfunction of the rotation wheel occurred in mid October, 2009. The satellite is currently operating in a "spinning observing mode", i.e., with the solar panels pointing at the Sun and the instrument axis sweeping the sky with an angular speed just under 1 degree/sec. The instrument and all the detectors are operating nominally producing data with quality equivalent to that obtained when operating in pointing mode. AGILE is now surveying a large fraction of the sky every day and during Cycle-3 it will not follow a predefined Baseline Pointing Plan as in previous observing Cycles. A new "Visibility Tool" giving the expected 1-year exposure for any sky direction with AGILE in spinning is available here.

The AGILE current spinning sky view

AGILE Spinning daily FOV plot

Click here to access to AGILE Spinning FOV plotter